FFeasibility study of various Solutions

AAbundance of Knowledge

CCapacity to fullfill client's dreams/ expectations

UUse of resources

LLeveraging Power

TTimely use of opportunity

AAbility to provide solutions which can create power and wealth

SStock & Store resources with moral means


To deliver the most innovative, cost effective, flexible and comprehensive IT solution to our clients.


To constantly improve our software skills and adopt new technologies that can help our clients enhance productivity.


Facultas' philosophy is determined by a single aim - to provide effective one-stop solutions from conception to completion. The analytical approach ensures a smooth flow of events.


What started as modest Parth Computer Centre in 1989 with just 2 employees and a 200 sq. feet office space has grown into today's Facultas Systems. The founder has sound knowledge and rich experience in IT for more than 30 years. Facultas Systems is known for developing high quality IT Solutions for various business applications. The commitment and dedication of the company has lead to the enormous growth path in just a short span of time. Commitment to quality, state-of-the-art infrastructure, prompt customer service and a dedicated workforce.are the pillars of growth and success for Facultas Systems.

Development of IT Solutions/software for various industries in India stands testimony to the huge capacity of Facultas. Facultas caters to a wide range of industries like manufacturing, finance, trading etc. by providing them world-class software products. Facultas develops an entire range of all business applications software required for right kind of Management Information Systems. Facultas has complete in-house development facilities and capabilities. Facultas Systems' R&D team works on innovative products and solutions to enable Facultas to meet the future demands of industry / customers. A team of skillful software engineers in the various disciplines with sound experience in designing and software development work on the existing customer orders. Facultas Systems is an established Information Technology company with a young and dynamic team as the asset. Facultas' team of professionals with extensive knowledge & experience, in-depth sense of business processes and impeccable credentials is able to deliver results. With expertise in the fields of IT Consultancy, Software Development, IT Services and Training, Facultas is able to develop a critical path for clients. With years of experience in the field of IT assignments is like second nature to the seasoned team at Facultas. Delivering effective, ethical and enlightening solutions is Facultas' core tenet. This dictates and moulds its policies.

Facultas Systems offers world-class software solutions through a Customized Development Model. The company believes in understanding specific client requirements and suggests solutions for optimal fit, maximum scalability and ease of use. Whether a large corporate or a small enterprise, we have solutions for all. We believe in integrating our skills with our clients' inputs to achieve desirable results. With technical expertise and a wide experience of providing services to diverse industries, we assure efficient services and support. Our services and solutions provide critical IT support to ensure that the strategic visions of our customers become a reality. Our customized processes ensure high quality product that is delivered on time with no deviation from the clients' requirement. We begin with conceptualizing the client requirement, look for best practices in the industry, perform system study and do a thorough analysis on the requirements. We empower our clients through technology by providing them user-friendly solutions. Our role does not end with just the solution. We believe in going beyond this and work as partners to enhance productivity and provide strategic advantage. We work as a consultant to our clients.


Commitment to quality is essential to reach a level of excellence for every company. Customers only pay for what is of use to them and gives them value. Nothing else constitutes quality. Holding on to this philosophy, Facultas continuously focuses on quality. Facultas' Quality Management System begins from detail gathering to implement final software products. Facultas' world revolves around its customers and that is one of the reasons for its success. It is the advanced customer handling skills that helped Facultas convert most of the potential customers into business. The customer in any part of the country/world is supported for Software debugging and updating using high band internet and latest computer techniques. Customer complaints are reviewed monthly by all department heads and corrective actions are initiated. The secret of our success is 'The Desire to Perform'. We believe that the key to satisfy any client is the innate desire to serve and innovate with perfection. We aim to be the right and only choice for those who strive for perfection in business. Our software solutions are simple, flexible, robust and differentiable that leaves a positive impact on end user.

We have Desire to perform for

  • Ultimate astonishing experience for the customer
  • Providing proactive, innovative and robust services
  • Retaining perfection - no delay no defect

We strive to maintain a healthy relationship with customers to enhance their satisfaction and enrich their experience with us. Our customers are extremely satisfied with our services and they always find us dependable and ultimate solution provider for their growing business needs. Our strong knowledge of the IT industry, positive attitude, consistent proactive delivery and strong process-oriented development model has earned us the faith and confidence amongst our clientele.


FACULTAS has a highly experienced and motivated team of professionals with expertise in Software Execution and Management. Their proficiency in varied business domains and technologies forms a strong foundation for our growth and progress. Since its inception, FACULTAS SYSTEMS has always believed in providing innovative solutions for specific and challenging business problems of customers. Our detailed domain understanding and strong technical background have been our driving forces to success. We provide timely and cost-effective assistance in utilizing latest technologies and value-added solutions. In the end, all business operations can be reduced to three words: people, product and profits. Unless you have a good team, you can't do much with the other two. Facultas ensures a dedicated workforce by employing various means for employee satisfaction. In addition, the Work force is constantly trained though internal and external faculties and by sending them for professional courses.

Our team of proficient IT professionals with intensive industry experience has comprehensive business and technical skills boosts our desire to provide quality services. The expertise of the team in Project Management, SDLC and Agile methodologies enables us to deliver exclusive IT solutions that facilitate business growth.

The strong positive attitude, proficient problem solving skills and the ability to envisage business and technical perspectives of the team enable us to deliver effective solutions in the most cost effective and timely manner. This highly motivates us and facilitates in applying suitable technological solutions for business settings, provide value added solutions and create project deliverables in a timely manner.


From a very humble beginning, today Facultas has a position that is unmatched. The evidence can be seen in the huge clientele with full satisfaction. Facultas is now one of the best software development companies in India. The credit can be attributed to the company's philosophy of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution. Facultas not only takes care of their products but also of Environment health and Safety of employees.

Organizations we worked for:

  • Driving With Care
  • God Talking Technology
  • Audio Vision
  • Vishalla Mukesh Trading Co.
  • Gunjan Organics
  • Vasant Metro Tyres
  • Shubh Sanchar
  • Vijay Trading Co.
  • Alliance Physio Solutions
  • VAP Associates
  • Asian Organics
  • Gandhi Tyres
  • Shubh Food Processors
  • Vishal Steel Traders
  • Harsha International
  • Hetal Corporation
  • Shreeji Video
  • Community Computer Centre
  • Ayurved Dravyanidhi
  • Prashamana Pain Clinic
  • Capital EDP Corporation
  • iNDEXTb Computer Centre
  • Infotech consultants
  • Hotel Navchetan
  • Mukesh & Co.
  • Krishna Investments
  • Avni Electronics
  • Varun Commodities Pvt. Ltd.
  • Om Veda Naturals


  • Web Technologies : HTML5, PHP, Asp.net, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Ruby on Rails
  • Mobile Technologies : Android, iOS, Windows, Cross Platform
  • 2D/3D Graphics & Animation : Logo, Web Design, Architectural Animation, Advertisement, Animated Film We offer
  • Onsite / Offshore Development Support
    • We are equipped with perfect infrastructure to handle any small to medium size outsourcing support. We constantly upgrade our infrastructure according to the project needs in terms of hardware / software / man power.
    • We ensure quality by ensuring strict quality processes and employing dedicated, skilled task force.
  • MIS/ Business Intelligent Solutions :
    • We have reusable components developed to cater to your BI (Business Intelligence) / MIS (Management Information System). These components are highly flexible to align to varied business requirements with efficiency and speed.

Why Facultas Systems ?

From a very humble beginning, today Facultas has a position that is unmatched. The evidence can be seen in the huge clientele with full satisfaction. Facultas is now one of the best software development companies in India. The credit can be attributed to the company's philosophy of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution. Facultas not only takes care of their products but also of Environment health and Safety of employees.

  • Understanding customer's goals and objectives to deliver results that exceed expectations
  • Customized plan for valuable contributions
  • Ability to perceive and generate innovative solutions through inherent creative ideas
  • Simple in approach, simple in process
  • Delivering results on time
  • Equipped with and experienced on ultramodern software and hardware
  • Constantly upgrading, and in turn confident to face on-job challenges
  • Easily accessible always
  • Committed to the integrity of your brand

Business Application Software - innovatively conceptualised, designed and developed by Facultas Systems processes DATA and delivers INFORMATION - a real growth engine of any business.